ROSSOSICILIANO® is the sole owner of the premium web domain name, is both the name of the grapevine and the wine.
Nerello Mascalese is a fascinating grape variety that has gained popularity in Italy thanks to its exceptional winemaking characteristics. Native to Sicily, particularly the slopes of Mount Etna, this indigenous variety has captivated wine enthusiasts for its ability to authentically express the volcanic Terroir it comes from. Italian winemakers have discovered that Nerello Mascalese thrives in the harsh environmental conditions of Mount Etna, producing distinctive red wines characterized by a complex aromatic profile of wild berries, black cherries, and citrus, along with a pronounced mineral note. The history and ongoing innovation surrounding this variety make it increasingly intriguing for high-quality Etna wine lovers both in Italy and around the world.

Co-branding & Partnership

If that’s true the names of wine label often generate confusion, especially for the less experienced who cannot immediately identify and link the origin of the product, in the other side, is true that recent years there is also a tendency to transform labels into real works of art, for the choices of design and materials. In addition to being highly recognizable – by name, symbol and type of wine – offers the possibility to having shared labels (front and back) in which to add his signature or logo, to obtain a tailor-made product. In compliance with its mission, ROSSOSICILIANO┬« is available to cooperate thanks to exclusive business partnerships in some geographical areas.

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